The era of point bombs was the 1990s and 2001. During the dot com era, Internet-based businesses flourished. Most of them are financed by venture capital and banks are looking to cash in the direction of the Internet. When the dot com bubble burst in the early 2000s, stocks sank and hundreds of companies went completely out of business. Thousands of other companies have laid off a large part of their workforce. During the time of of Dot bomb it is exactly like professor fry said that the company was a dinosaur because they cant stay longer to adapt with change because of that they die. Company that survive until now is that yahoo, AOL. I Research that why Yahoo still can compete with Google. Even though they are very far behind Google. The reason is that because of news and sport live report, some people still using yahoo to use check the live update of football and the news of entertainment. Most companies during that time either try to sell their company to get some money back or j…

Crowd Funding and Funder! Welcome to the world of "Pain"

The startup film is feel that has so much struggle. It is exactly like how to find funding to make film. It is very hard to get funding. And when we can get fund the funder want to take control of the project. Same like us when want to make our own film, the funder try to change the story of the script. Same the situation in the Startup when they were conflict about where the company should have gone to different direction. In the end Tom was dismissed. It is really hard to believe but this is how exactly crowdfunding and company works. You need money to operate so you bring people from outside to help you to get it. In the end those people want to control you either you like it or not. It happen to my dad when he want to make his own company long before I was born. The company went well under the guidance of my dad, (this is outside the US) and become the number 1 of TV station there for a while. However, due to conflict between my father and the funder. Because of couple of shows t…

Example of HTML For TINST 207

Copy Entire document below to Notepad and put (.html) in the end of it.

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<h1 style="border:2px solid Tomato;">Teemo The Little Demon</h1>
<h2>Example of HTML for TINST 207

<p><body><body style="body-color:green"> Teemo is a legend among his yordle brothers and sisters in Bandle City. As far as yordles are concerned, there is something just slightly off about him. While Teemo enjoys the companionship of other yordles, he also insists on frequent solo missions in the ongoing defense of Bandle City. Despite his genuinely warm personality, something switches off inside Teemo's mind during combat so that the lives he must end while on patrol do not burden him. Even as a young recruit, the drill instructors and other trainees found it a little disconcerting that, while Teemo was normally charming and kind, he turned deadly serious and highly efficient the minute combat exercises began. Te…

Email Vs Mail

When we talk about Email and Mail in class they are very similar. They are both a way to deliver message from one person to the other. The difference is E-Mail is sending mail electronically and Mail is more traditional. The way they send it very similar, Mail you go post office, you buy a stamp and the post office send it to the destination. E-Mail you give the server where you want to send it, server in this case is like the post office (Gmail, Hotmail, yahoomail, etc). And the server send it to the address which you gave them.
The big differences between mail and email is the speed of the deliveries, for example mail can take you one to five days to send depending on what you paid for. Email, you don’t have to pay for it and also it will send to the address you give in almost the same exact time. Email is address sensitive, if you missed a letter when you send mail in post office and correct address, the people will received it, but in email even you missed a letter your letter wi…

Erik Hamberg Presentation

In the class when Erik Hamberg speech. I think it is very interesting especially when he talk about writer which is more like unstable job which take long time to build, and computer science which is more linear and stable job. It is very interesting and I understand it completely, because I was working in the same field as writer as film maker. To get to the point of million of sales I need to work longer to reach same income or stable job as computer scientist. It is hard to admit it but it is the real word for the writer and filmmaker and other jobs similar to it.
I am shocked that he said that the amount of privacy that we got right now is the maximum that we can get ever. I mean that’s not a lot at all, for example three days ago I played League of Legends for the first time all of sudden all my browser come out ads that pop out and all of it said about league of legends topic. I am wondering where they get these information. This is just one of example that I realized that my …

Strange world of changes of life.- TINST 207

Strange world of changes of life. What I want to learn about this class is that how the internet and computer works. I am trying to choose my major either IT or Computer science and I don’t know yet of what should I do or take for my life and career. I am hoping this class will help me more to understand about the world of technology. As a person that just change career path from Film entertainment  to Technology it seems a very big change, therefore I am still confuse yet excited to learn about this field.
Moreover, this class is seems to be help me figure out will this career work or not for me. If it is not I need to find something else, but I am not getting any younger so I have to decide quick so I am hoping with this class I could have settle down and don’t panic of this career.  I am hoping that In this class I would understand and can apply about how the computer and internet work so that I will be excel in my career in this new field. Beside this is my very first quarter in …